About the Sacred Week

In the month of April of the year of 2014, in the Holy Week, Christ Jesus requested that a group of souls united in prayer, representing humanity in commemoration of His Passion.

During these seven consecutive days, the Master transmitted for the whole world His messages, which were documented in a series of seven chapters that Christ Jesus named “Sacred Week”.

"In each day of this Sacred Week, a Sacred Key was given in order to open the doors of the consciousness and awakening for a new planetary cycle." Jesus Christ

The Designs of Christ Jesus for these times

Marian Center of Figueira, Brazil - 17/04/2017

After preparing hearts through an intense work during the Sacred Week of 2017, on the last day Christ Jesus made an important revelation about the Plan thought of by His Heart for a time coming up soon, and how to respond to Him.

“I come to speak to you about My designs for these times, because these designs are the last ones, which will finalize My redemptive Work until the moment when I return to the world to call the flocks to be close to their Lord and within the stable of His Heart.” Christ Jesus – 17th of April of 2017